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4PM started life as an experimental project at the National Film and Television School in the UK, after the course, Bojan decided to continue developing it to a fully releasable state. Working in film for 8 years, he wanted apply these skills to interactive narrative, learning the tools (Unity and Maya) along the way, and this is his first project.


It is an experimental take on interactive narrative, a short game dealing with a contemporary, relatable character, all told through a short, tense and audio-visually polished experience.


It features:


- An unsual, different game experience

- Subtle mechanics that come from the story

- A contemporary world, with relatable characters

- Cinematic, beautifully lit visuals

- Professional voice acting

- An orchestrated score, specially crafted for 4PM

- A thought provoking narrative



The game engine being used is Unity with a few third party plug-ins.







Bojan Brbora



Stefan Kaday


Executive producer

Vincent Scheurer



Michelangelo Fano


Sound Designer

Neo Peterson



Terence Dunn & Arran Price  









Win, Mac and Linux










Dev contact

  • Wix Facebook page
  • Wix Twitter page

On-line Press

All images in one zip folder below



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