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Music of 4PM

Terence Dunn is our main composer, who is currenly in training at the National Film & Television School,  where he managed to, single-handedly compose, arrange  and orchestrate most of the in-game music. Brought in late to the project, Terry still managed to pull together a huge amount of work in the last couple of months and make 4PM a special musical experience with his special touch. He also, along with Agis Pyrlis does the vocals on the hit single composed specificaly for this game - "Whiskey" .

KAZOO is an up and coming, electronic music group from Bosnia and Herzegovina led by Vanja Jevrić and Danilo Šobot, a pair of multi-talented musicians, they are spreading great music and positive vibes with their gigs across most of the ex-Yugoslavian countries, be sure to expect to hear much more of them soon. Their song "Loud" was used in the club scene of 4PM, which will surely stay in people's minds for a long time.


For more info about KAZOO go to their facebook group below

et_ comes to 4PM from Russia, a small town north of Moscow, called Bezhetsk. A one man band creative  producer/composer now know as VYVCH and The Movie Theater. Music coming out of that combination is slow electronic beats and grooves, vinyl, guitars, samples from live drums, guitars, basses and some electronic stuff. The song "Kopeika" is used for some promotional trailers for 4PM and can be found here.


More info on et_/VYVCH go to his facebook group below

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